Louisa Ferguson

Glass Art

A pane of glass exposed to wind over years does not fail because it is constantly being stressed by the wind.

As an artist, I create work as a holder for intention.  These "dwells" are narrative based, often centred on natural world. I believe my work is most successful when it acts as a resonant gong for the observer.

I use the ancient medium of cast and fused glass, sometimes in tandem with ceramic and metal, to explore tension between perfection and deterioration, and modern and ancient. 


Ecologically Restorative Art

A conversation with nature

I create ecologically restorative works that seek to support and repair environments in transition, often damaged watersheds or damaged ecosystems (communities of organisms living together in combination with their physical environment). My work connects very practically with ecology and sustainability. Through research and connections with various ecological and environmental scientists and organizations, I examine ways of using biodegradable materials such as branches, leaves, soil, and seeds from the local area to produce continually evolving artworks that aim to correct environmental problems of a particular landscape.