What's in the cupboard

So, we've been trying to get really good at cooking what we have in the house.

Usually, we think of something we want to make and then we shop for the ingredients. Or, we impulse buy ingredients, because they look tempting at the store, we get them home and forget about them till we find them rotten, in the fridge, or out of date, in the back of the cupboard or freezer.

Yesterday, Angus dug up some frozen lamb ribs for supper. He marinated them and roasted them with spices and herbs. They smelled wonderful. However, they were sooo fatty that we couldn't eat them. Last year, I would have thrown them out, but this year I want to see if we can diligently use everything we buy.

Today, I separated all the meat from the bone and tried to scrape off most of the fat. I looked for a recipe on Pinterest and found the following one:


Man, was it ever good!

The moral of the story? Being creative is always better.

Here's to trying new things!!

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