The Gods of "Don't Be Too Precious"

The day is sparkling cold. I'm driving to the city in order to buy, yes buy, a winter coat and boots for my son Gabriel. After years of wearing runners and a non-winter coat (just like most teens), my youngest has finally grown up and decided that proper attire is necessary in Saskatchewan. Although I am ecstatic about this, as a mother, it's ironic that he has decided this now. Go figure.

So far, our buy nothing adventure has racked up some rather large costs. Between vet bills and winter wear, we have probably spent more in the last two days then we did the week previous.

After a moment of "Is this necessary?", we both decided that, yes, keeping our youngest alive is. We are too fond of him...

A part of me is hoping that this is not some kind of test sent by the Gods of "Don't Be Too Precious", and that things will start to settle.

On an inspiring note, I have begun to dig out all the art supplies i have accumulated over the years and vowed to use them.


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