The Apparent Magnitude of Every Day


Every day, for the past 334 days, I have purposefully tried to capture a single moment of every passing day. I would slow my breath, still my mind and search. A thought, a feeling, a wish would emerge, connecting me to the present moment. They have all brought me a sense of meaning.

The science of the universe is predictable. It follows an expected course. A personal moment is random and ephemeral. If you are not listening, they disappear. Every day, when given room, offers a moment of magnitude. I invite you to join me in the last 30 days of this present lunar year.

Come to my show at the Francis Morrison Gallery in Saskatoon, running from May 23 - June 23, 2018. Take a moment to reflect and then write your short reflection in the little book provided, under the appropriate date. Make sure to write your name below the reflection.

I will choose one comment for each day, and the winning comment will be published on my blog , and the writer will receive a small moon tile in appreciation.


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