Slow Going in the Studio

Sometimes, a particular piece will sit and sit and sit in my studio as I try to figure out what it is trying to tell me.

I can begin a project with a very particular idea only to be influenced, by either the material, the colour, or the shape I am working with, to take another path.

Sometimes, something that looks like a mistake and pushes me to discard a project, will speak with great resonance a few months or years later.

The "graveyard" rack of abandoned glass parts in my studio is a testament to that. Each cubbyhole is a reliquary for the physical remains of a sleeping work.

On days where I feel listless, usually between projects, and I can't seem to settle on the next idea, I will peruse the stacks. Pulling out each remnant to try and find the little, quiet story in each one.

They feel like forgotten memories, waiting to be rediscovered and unfurled in new light.

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