Reflection in Water

Today, I went for a solitary walk along the aqueduct that serves as the tea company’s water source.

With birdsong as my companion, I traveled the narrow path undulating through tea fields and tangled forest. The air was thick with moisture from yesterday’s rain.

Everywhere I looked, growth and rot displayed itself in the way only nature can: in symbiosis.

Further along the path, I came to rest at the foot of a small waterfall; the very one that feeds the aqueduct. Though small, it struck me with awe.

There is something so innate in the human soul that thrills to the sound of water. Waterfall, river or sea, they beckon, enticing us to dip our hand in. A primal act of communion and blessing.

I was reminded in that moment of the simplicity and vitality of life: water, sun, earth, the honest toil of survival, the yearning to thrive sane and whole.

I made a vow once again; one I hope I can carry until the next moment of truth, to remain present, mindful and grateful for being on this beautiful earth.

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