Good Reasons

There's a feeling of excitement that I get when I have gone on a shopping spree: the idea that my life will be better once I have those new shoes or new patio furniture. Somehow, the new trinket or toy shrinks all the worries, sadness and loneliness into a satisfied sigh. The next day, or perhaps even a few hours later, the stomach churning worries begin. Maybe about money, or about hidden self-loathing, or any other torment that keeps us awake. It's something that Angus and I have been working against since the start of this year of mindfulness, and I think we've been doing incredibly well.

Then, there's the excitement which comes from buying something that in a small way may actually work toward helping someone or the world.

I know that I am privileged to be able to even afford solar panels. Being eco-conscious is expensive, and not everyone can partake...yet.

However, I am toe curling excited, proud and pleased with our new power system. The sun will give me all the power I need. In a small way, we are helping our beloved Mother Earth. How cool is that?!!? Hazzah!!!!

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