Find the cost of freedom

Tonight, as I sit by the fire reflecting on the day and writing my daily post, I am aware of a delicious feeling of freedom. The house is quiet and the fire warm. I feel no need to be anywhere else.

It dawns on me that today's peace comes from knowing that for this whole year, buying my way out of unhappiness is not an option. I no longer have to worry about what it is I'm missing and where I can get it. I don't have to think about how much money I need and whether I need to work more. I don't have to plan on when I can go to the city to purchase it...

You see, I'm one of those people who when they get an idea, they have to follow it through, as soon as possible. No dilly dallying. So, if I'm thinking about something I don't have, or something I must have, or something that would be fun to have, or something the boys might like, or something that would make something else better... well, there's never any time to just be.

Today, I managed to get a little taste of what just being feels like. I spent most of it cooking. It felt wonderful; like I was doing something really useful. I made a chickpea curry, spiralized beets with pesto, sauteed greens with garlic and mustard seed, a mushroom and haloumi quiche, and some brown rice. All recipes inspired by what I had on hand. I made enough food to keep Angus and me going through the weekend. What fun. What freedom. And, at the end of it all, the house smelled wonderful.

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