Different Parametres

Went grocery shopping today. I decided that I would buy only what I felt good (ethically) about. I went to Dad's Nutrition on 8th street looking for dried chickpeas. I thought I would be able to buy a fairly large bag. All I could find was a 400 gram bag for over $7. Wha???!!!!????!!!

Okay, I'm gonna vent. What is it with organic markets? Now, I know that things could be more expensive when you shop at a smaller store. I even think we should pay more for quality product, but really? $7 for 400 grams of chickpeas, in a province where we grow them?

About 10 years ago, we bought wholewheat organic flour from a local farmer in St. Denis. It cost us about $40 for 40 Lbs. We would find the same flour at Dad's (we knew it was the same because the farmer sold it to them) for double the price, and I'm sure he sold it to them for cheaper because of the amount.

Maybe I'm being naive.

Whatever. I'm gonna have to find a better place to get stock.

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