Day 1

Ironically, after pledging to undertake a year of only essentials, this morning, we were forced to experience one of the more essential things in life: being present for the death of a beloved pet.

Buster Mactosh Ferguson came to us 9 years ago when he was only 3 months old. He filled our lives with his delightful quirky personality. Although he was a Carin Terrier/Pomeranian, he was 100 % terrier: stubborn, tenacious, and loyal to a fault.

He went by many names: Budder, Buster Nugget, Teekteek (the sound of his nails on our hardwood floor), Booger.

I shall miss him terribly.

As far as a year of mindfullness goes, it has started with a bang. I was reminded this morning that we will have to included medical bills as essential spending.

When it thaws, we will bury his ashes under the The blue spruce in our front yard, in tribute to his spiky fur...

Gods speed little one...

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