An uneventful day

After a tense tiring night of wondering whether the pipes were going to freeze due to a power cut that lasted from 8:30 pm to 3:30 am, today managed to be very uneventful... no issue, crisis, unplanned event.

I did toy with the idea of looking up what a generator would cost but decided not to pursue it. I am beginning to notice that my go to, when the unknown arises, is to throw money at it; as if money is some magical elixir that removes all risk.

When I got home this afternoon, Angus told me about the buzz at the post office today. Of course, everyone was talking about the overnight power cut, what they did to survive it, and how best to mitigate such a thing. Ironically, having a generator is not enough. Gas must also be present. If you forget to stock it as well, your generator is useless as gas pumps require power...

We were lucky, we managed fine. We kept our wood stoves going through the night... We didn't need that generator that I was anxiously thinking of buying...

So, 3 days in to this fine experiment, I have already learned something about myself.

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