A few more months in

I finally have a moment of piece to reflect on the last few months.

April and May are very busy months for Angus and me. Between the spring show at the theatre, the end of term and finishing up my Bachelor of Adult Education, I've been scheduled from sun up to sun down.

This past week, Angus has gone off to England to visit his dad, and I have been holding down the fort in Meacham, on my own. It really does "Take two, Baby". Insert Marvin Gaye's song here...

After a week of trying to catch up; mostly with the garden and grass, I find that I finally have some time to set down some thoughts.

Our year of mindfullness has plodded on at a comfortable pace. I bought a wheelbarrow for the garden. This was an absolute necessity as our old one actually fell apart. The bucket broke off the base and it is no longer worthy of moving soil or gravel; both things required on 4 acres of land. We also bought cedar planks for our raised beds. Being almost 53, I am no longer interested in stop gap measures that require a lot of work every year. I want something that is going to last another 20 years because by then, I'll be too old to garden, and it won't matter.

I've been deliberating on buying underwear. Not whether to buy them, but which kind. I bought 3 expensive pairs of underwear when we did the Camino. They had to be light weight and dry very fast. Interestingly, they are the only pairs that are still in one piece, even after all that walking. All my cotton pairs have varied size holes in them. You wouldn't want to be wearing them when you get hit by a bus... So, do I fork over the money for good ones, or do I buy the six-pack at Superstore? I also worry about sweat shops and child labour. I need to do some more research before I commit.

Gabriel is starting the braces journey. A journey, I might say, which is criminally expensive. How something that is so crucial to your health can be used to financially flay you is anger making. No, his are not for cosmetic purposes. He is having major problems with teeth breaking the skin on the upper roof of his mouth, and if I find the price prohibitive then there isn't a hope in hell of him being able to afford it. So, braces it is.

On an exciting note, Angus and I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a solar panel system for our house. We have been talking, for several years, that while we have good jobs, we should find ways of making Touchwood as self sufficient as possible. The idea is to make this place as affordable as it can be when we finally retire. Suncatcher Homes will be coming out on the 23rd and 26th of this month, to install the system, including all the net-metering setup. I'll keep you posted on the process.

Last but not least, Angus and I had the opportunity to head to the Maritimes, for 8 days at the end of May. Neither of us had been before. It is the first trip we have taken while on our year of mindfullness. The catch up with the ocean was spiritually uplifting and very welcome. One of the greatest gifts of the trip was the incredible sense of freedom we both felt when we did not feel compelled to buy anything. None of the quaint shops, Anne of Green gables chocolatiers, or tourist knickknack shops held sway over us. Instead of spending hours looking at shelves and shelves of boats in a bottle or plush lobster hats, we walked along the water, ate amazing food; lobster and oysters included, and spent time with lovely people. It was sooo liberating. I am really looking forward to more traveling adventures.

Well, that's it for me.

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