To consume or not to consume...

January 3, 2017

Today was my first foray into the "real" world.  I packed my self a good lunch, including 2 sweet snacks. I didn't want to feel tempted to go and buy chocolate. This usually happens during my first coffee break.  I always have good intentions when I initially pack my lunch.  I try to make it a healthy choice. But, when that first break happens, I give in and go looking for a treat to go with my tea. I was successful in thwarting the sweet tooth fairy today.


The next issue that presented itself was whether I should use the Starbucks cards that my students have given me as gifts.  Technically, I am not "buying" anything, but I am still consuming, so I feel guilty about it. I tried to read the back of the cards to see if they have a time limit, but the texts is sooo tiny. I'm not sure whether I will be able to use them in a year's time. Regardless, my gut is telling me to not use them, so I think I won't.


This has opened up a whole kettle of fish...


Is it okay to consume as long as you aren't paying for it? Is the 'mindfulness' about not spending money, or is it about not consuming products that are destroying the planet? If I use the card, am I not still supporting a corporation? Since the cards have already been bought, isn't it too late to be righteous about it? Hard stuff. I'm gonna have to think about it some more.  until I figure it out, I won't use them. That decision feels good.


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