2 Hard Weeks

Life has been very busy. The "outside" world has infiltrated sooo much that I haven't been in the studio for 2 weeks. It's not that the things I've been doing haven't been worthwhile, they have. Working for Dancing Sky Theatre is very important to me, and getting ready to open a show is always a privilege and a pleasure. 

I'll do anything to support Angus in his artistic journey, and I am very lucky that he supports me fiercely as well. But, I get weird when I'm not in the studio. I lose my confidence, I'm cranky and unfocused. I can see the black dog out of the corner of my eye, and it's terrifying. 

Interestingly, remaining true to our pact of living mindfully, without spending money is far more difficult. The pattern is so clear; I feel bad, I wandered aimlessly, I get enticed by a bauble, and it fills the hole temporarily. And then again. 

I've been good though; I haven't bought anything. 

It was hard last night. My big downfall is buying art, but even though I saw some beautiful things that friends had made, at a local craft fair, I resisted. Aaaarrrrrgggg. It's hard!!!!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio. I've got 2 shows to work towards. 🐝

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