December 6, 2018

Soft silence 

The kind made by winter snow

Piled hat high on fences

Well worn linen 

An ordnance map of the architecture of sleep

Tangling the warmth in 

The breath; slow and deep

The day; dawning

July 20, 2018

The space between us is sewn together

Each stitch lovingly darned into place

mending that which is open and gaping

Threads of concern, of friendship and love

cast across the web

reinforcing intersecting strands

The wide world; an exquisite salvaged patch

to be worn upon knees


June 15, 2018

When is it enough?

When will you

turn around and

stand your ground?

When will you


dredge up your subterranean anguish and wield it

sword like

in the name of human decency?

When is complicity worse

than the actual crime?

When does comfort

or ease

or self-inflicted oblivion...

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